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Now accepting lunch and dinner reservations for parties of 6-14 people Tuesday thru Saturday!

How to Make a Reservation:

  1. Check the availability of the date that you want to come in for lunch or dinner.

    • Calendar can be found at the bottom of this page

  2. If the date that you are looking for is available, email us at with:

    • The date and time for your reservation

    • The name and size of your party

    • The menu you have chosen

  3. Look here to create your menu: All menu selections are chosen ahead of time with all party members enjoying the same choices​. (Click on menu for larger view)

                             Lunch Menu:                                                       ​Dinner Menu:

Important Information:

  1. All reservations with final food selections are required to be submitted at least 1 week before the reservation date.

  2. Due to the fact that we open specifically for these reservations, cancellations or changes to the menu or party size must be made at least 48 hours in advance or is subject to additional charges.

    • We ask this because we shop, plan and cook food for each individual reservation, and make almost everything from scratch, so in order to keep menu costs low we want to reduce as much food waste as possible.  

Menu Lunch Final.jpg
Current Dinner Menu.jpg
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