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Farm n' Flower


Craft Skincare & Hand Poured Candles


Farm n' Flower began with a vision for
skin care products that were
hand-crafted using locally
harvested botanicals, converted
into potent extracts and infusions,
and used as the base for amazing
skin care for face and body. 
Creator and owner, Carly Letson loves that she can
tell you about every single plant ingredient
and from which farm it came from.
Thank you for choosing local!

Some featured items include: 

Rose & Cedar Body Butter
Made from 100% Organic
Coconut Oil & Essential Oils
$ 19.99

Yuzu & Tangerine Body Scrub
Made from Ultra Rich
Organic Coconut Oil,
Aloe & Essential Oils


Hand Poured Candle in a Tin
Fragrance #5
Top Notes: Lemon &
Middle Note: Geranium
Top Note: Cedar Wood



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