Italian Import Specialty Shop

On your next visit to The Sturiale Place, be sure to pop into our Italian
Specialty Import Shop for some Unique & Tasty treats imported from Italy!

Some Import Items include: Torrone Italian Nougat, Sicilian Orange Marmalade, Black Olive Spread, Canned
Tomatoes, Imported Pastas, White Truffle Sauce, Black Truffles and a fine choice of Award Winning
                                  Olive Oils & Vinegar!   We also have a selection of Italian Wines to choose                                                from that are available only in the import shop!

Hours of Operation


Contact Info

Sorry, but we are currently closed!
Phone: 208-908-7041
(Message Only)
1501. W. Jefferson St.
Boise, ID 83702
Right behind the Rite Aid
on 15th and State!