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Boise Bees® & Blossoms


Boise Bees & Blossoms products offer
the highest level of purity without chemicals,
artificial preservatives, filler products, or
GM0 ingredients. Most are also gluten-free. 


The Creators of Boise Bees &
Blossoms are organic apiarists and master
gardeners who raise bees and propagate
drought tolerant, native, and pollinator
friendly plants with an eye more towards
a sustainable planet than profit margins.


They formulate body products using
their own pure honey and beeswax
combined with all natural, organic oils
and essential oils, and botanicals for
specific properties.


Their Idaho-grown plants are specifically
selected to thrive in Idaho's unique, 
climate and soils. 

Some Featured Items Include:


Hand & Face Cream
Bergamot, Lavender &
Rose Essence 
2.4 oz Jar

Handcrafted Goat Milk &
Honey Soap Bar


Pure Raw Idaho Honey
12 oz Glass Jar


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