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 This old house that is our Café & Gift Shop  was once called the ‘Woods’ house located on 5th St in the Central Addition district in Downtown Boise.  Built in 1893
and abandoned some years ago,  the 
    house was saved from demolition and       moved 11/23/15 to its current location. 
It was then beautifully restored with a lovely flower garden and outdoor seating added.

We are currently closed, however we are pleased to announce that we will be
hosting a special event in celebration
of Mothers Day.


Rita Sturiale


The Sturiale Place Italian Cafe and Gift Shop
Italian Cafe and Gift Shop in Boise

The Sturiale Place, originally known as The Wood House, was first located on South 5th Street in Boise’s Central Addition, formally one of Boise’s most prominent neighborhoods.  Built between 1893 and 1899 and surrounded by apple orchards.  In 1905 owner Mary F. Wood became the first librarian of the new Boise Carnegie Library.  

The Wood House is one of four historic houses that were saved by Preservation Idaho, celebrated with a Central Addition Send-off Event May 5, 2015.  It’s Queen Anne architectural style is characterized by its irregularity, with a variety of window treatments, multiple steep roofs, porches, and bay windows. Originally, set on roughly squared Boise Sandstone foundation, the one-and-one-half story wood clapboard (ship-lap?) house features a central gable roof and a smaller cross gable forming prominent bay windows.

Through the collaboration of Preservation Idaho, developer Local Construct, Western States Movers, and owner Rita Sturiale, the historic victorian home has been relocated to 1501 W. Jefferson Street, where it begins a new future as an antique shop and specialty café known as The Sturiale Place.

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